Gallery House invites professional artists to join its outstanding group of artist members by submitting work for jurying on our next jury date.
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Next Jurying

For jurying information please call: 650 326-1668 (gallery) 
or Sydell Lewis, Membershio Chairperson, 408-746-2950
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Jurying Requirements:
- Five pieces of current work (produced within the last two years) in each medium.
- A brief Artist Statement discussing your artwork, what it is about and the technique used 
-Photographs of five to ten additional pieces of your art
- 2-dimensional work must be presented framed and ready to hang. (Acceptable framing is determined to be modern simple frames in a neutral tone or black or white.)
- 2-dimensional work should also be able to be handled by two people.
- 3-dimensional work must be light enough to be lifted and carried by 2 people.
- Pieces that require power, water, gas, etc. cannot be considered.
- Jurying fee is $20 for each medium. 

What we are looking for:
competence in medium
- mature, or has potential, in artistic merit
- professional in the presentation
- a body of work 
 Some artists do many different kinds of art and wish to show the gallery a piece of every separate thing they do.  They may bring in many varying types of art and then are not accepted because it is felt that they are still experimenting and have not yet developed maturity in their medium.  It would be better to submit pieces that are somewhat similar in their nature, perhaps a series.  We are looking for what is known as a "body of work."  This means that we need to see five related pieces of art with a consistent, cohesive style and a clear artistic vision.
Since we are a co-op gallery and group exhibitions must consist of artworks that go well together, we will consider how the work is presented.  Frames should be simple and in neutral tones with wires for hanging.  Museum-wrap canvases are acceptable.

Gallery House Benefits: 
- Continuous exposure of your work to collectors, curators, and other art buyers.
- A feature show in the main gallery with one or two other members.
- At least one piece of your work displayed each month.
- Regular calendar listings in Chronicle, Mercury News, etc.
- Interaction with a community of successful mid-career artists.
- Sales commission of 30% rather than the 50% as in commercial galleries. 

Gallery House Member Requirements:
- Pay monthly dues of $180.
- Staff the gallery approximately  17 four-hour shifts a year.

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