For the first time in the last few years, Gallery House is presenting a LARGE WORKS exhibit, showcasing thirteen artists. The show will run from January 8 through February 2. The reception is Saturday, January 12 from 5-7. Appetizers, wine, and soft drinks will be served.

The art pieces are too large to show normally in the gallery. They encompass painting, photography, sculpture and weaving. The inspiration to create larger work comes from the artist’s desire to make art that envelops both the artist and the audience, and draws the viewer into exploring the finer details of the total.

The art includes nature photography, computer-enhanced and figurative photography, abstract oils and acrylics, clay printing, realistic watercolor, a very complex ceramic chessboard, large found-object figures, weavings of twigs, yarn, and feathers.

The artists showing are: Anne Lamborn, Azita Gandjei, Gertie Mellon, Hedda Hope, Judy Kramer, Lidija Tkalcevic, Magdalena Bogart, Martha Castillo, Michael Endicott, Midori McCabe, Theresa Robinson, Trevlyn Williams, Bharati Kshirsagar.

You are invited to come speak to the artists at the reception and to immerse yourself in these large works of art.