Rhythm and Color

“Rhythm and Color” is an exhibit of fine art enamels and paintings by artists Heny Alikashani, Mara Catherine Sippel and Nance Wheeler.
This show brings together fine art enamels, traditional paintings and mixed media paintings to explore the variety of rhythms and colors that can excite the eye. This exhibit engages the senses with the small delicate sculptures, bright colorful seascapes, and large rhythmic abstracts.

Heny Alikashani works with the ancient art of enamel to create jewelry and sculpture with this unique art form. The artist uses the creative mark making of her work to express both her inner and outer world.


Mara Catherine Sippel paints wonderfully colorful paintings where form is simplified to emphasize the interplay of color masses. The scenes in her paintings translate the surroundings into comforting idealized forms representing hopes and dreams.


Nance Wheeler embraces the images of science and creates abstract paintings. Using mixed media, Nance develops works with texture and tone to explore subtly rhythmic compositions engaging both sides of the mind.