Through The Looking Glass

Through The Looking Glass
An exhibit of photography and ceramic art by Azita Gandjei and Sheila Miller
Show: May 28th - June 22th, 2019
Artist Reception: Saturday, June 1 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.
What would it be like to step through a looking glass and explore a parallel universe?
In a visual narrative of photographs and ceramic pieces, Azita Gandjei & Sheila Miller reveal the magic, beauty, and emotion of worlds on the other side of the looking glass: scenes, between dream and wakening, that unfold in our subconscious.


Azita Gandjei uses her camera to show the interplay between the sensual and the soul. Influenced by early cinema as well as by Man Ray, Imogen Cunningham and Diego Rivera, Azita finds beauty in illuminations of the hidden within the recognizable.  She uses various lighting to capture moments of vulnerability when her subjects reveal their unique qualities, displayed in movement, color, lines, textures, and light.  

Sheila Miller interested in pottery that is happy; beautiful objects with meaning that weave into our daily lives through use. Vases decorate our living spaces with character and whimsy. Mugs celebrate our morning coffee or tea drinking ritual with unique charm; a pig bowl adorns a shelf when not in use; a tiny plate holds our treasures and decorates our space.