Seeking Refuge – New work by Trevlyn Williams and Martha Castillo

Trevlyn Williams

This new series of work from Trevlyn Williams visits favorite themes of landscape and nature.

Specifically reflected in this work is an exploration of activities in which we humans engage to seek refuge in our everyday life such as viewing or making art and enjoying nature.

Refuge for me specifically is found in pondering nature and the meditative process of turning this activity into paintings.

Conversely, the world around us, the very nature we use to our ends also requires a refuge. That bird, flower and gorgeous scenery is all part of habitat that must be protected. The myriad species of the ecosystems essential for our survival on this earth all need refuge.

Wherever we are and whoever we are in the world, each of us should be able to live safely and without desperation. Each of us might hope that the least refuge we need is simply to be able to take a walk along a shore or wooded trail, hear birds and experience a spring bloom or a clear night sky.

Martha Castillo

Martha Castillo’s new body of work offers visual ‘refuge’ from these inharmonious times. Employing her unique mix of pattern, and texture, she composes meditations on color and design.

Refuge means different things to different people, and the definition changes in different situations. Does it mean being secure inside an enclosure or community? Or freedom to be outside? Does it have walls, or doors? Is it spiritual, or physical? Is it a choice or a necessity? a right or a privilege?

“I do not usually think of my work as ‘political’. Recently, however, I find it difficult not to be influenced by this unsettled and discordant period in our lives. Within the abstract imagery, you may find suggestions of walls, and doors. Are they sheltering, or limiting access? Flags, traditional symbols of identity, sovereignty and loyalty, show up in fragments, hinting at rifts in the status quo. Yet, I hope that these elements do not distract from the overall appeal of each piece.”

Working is Castillo’s way of seeking refuge from the upheavals of our times. In contemplating this work, she hopes the viewer may find respite as well.