Lidija Tkalcevic    |   Statement



Lidija was born in Croatia where she received her education in economics. Her preoccupation with art flourished here in California where she moved to in the eighties.

Interest in the human body is present from the beginning. She is trying to capture funny and sad moments of everyday life in her sculptures. Common people and little things that make our lives can be found in Lidija's work.

Expressed in somewhat stylized and simplified form influenced by "naive" painters of her country, Lidija finds her own way. Form and texture are very important to her.

The sculptures are done in sculpture mix, with surface finished in B-mix. The color comes from clay stains and oxides, and firing is done at cone 5.

Lidija's interest in new materials, glass and bronze, has further enhanced her ability to express movement and emotion. Her bronze, glass and clay sculptures are vibrant, whimical and refreshing.


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